I would like to welcome everyone to the Hofstra Pride Club website and I look forward to working with and for you during the up-coming year. Our 17 sport teams are well coached, and the student-athletes are performing at spectacular levels under the direction of the Athletics Department and with the support of the Pride Club. My goal for this year is to increase membership from 1400 to 2000 members and I ask every Pride Club Member to get at least two new members to join our Pride Club. There is no better way to support Hofstra Athletics than to support our outstanding student athletes who perform each and every day in excellent fashion.

Remember, Hofstra Pride stands for:

P roud of Hofstra University
R espect for Athletics
I  ntegrity
D edication
E nthusiasm.  

Let's keep our enthusiasm up for the up-coming year and let's lead by example.  Success is our choice!

E. David Woycik, Jr.
Pride Club President 



On behalf of Hofstra student-athletes:


"On behalf of my fellow Pride student-athletes, I would like to personally thank the Pride Club Members for their unconditional and unrelenting support.  Their continued loyalty has had a tremendous impact on the lives of student-athletes.  The opportunities that have been given in both the classroom and playing field are a direct result of the generosity and support of the Pride Club members.  As an Athletic program, we strive for excellence on and off the field, compete with extreme pride and passion and rise to the challenge to build upon previous achievements.  We cannot thank you enough for your continued support!"

- Courtney Crews '12
Softball, Student-Athlete Advisory Committee President