Hempstead, NY - Hofstra student-athletes Nicole Osovski (softball) and Ari Richman (men's tennis), along with Director of Student-Athlete Services James Lally will join other Colonial Athletic Association student-athletes and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) advisors this weekend (Nov. 4-5) at the College of William and Mary for the 2012 SAAC Leadership Summit. This annual event brings together the SAAC advisor and one male and one female student-athlete representative from each institution. Representing the CAA will be Commissioner Tom Yeager, Senior Associate Commissioner/SWA Kathleen Batterson, SAAC Liaison Vincent Pierson and Executive Assistant Raven Wilkinson.

During the summit, attendees will explore values, personal branding and diversity through workshops by Leslie Barnes, Assistant Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Welfare at Duke University. The group will also discuss current issues in college athletics as well as ways to enhance the CAA student-athlete experience.

CAA SAAC Leadership Summit Participants

Sarah Slotoroff, Delaware - Rowing

Erle Ladson, Delaware - Football
Rachel Fineberg, Delaware - SAAC Advisor
Amanda Santandrea, Drexel - Women's Lacrosse
Garth Mahosky, Drexel - Wrestling
Rachel Guerrera, Drexel - SAAC Advisor
Madison Beumer, George Mason - Rowing
Taylor Sargent, George Mason - Men's Tennis
Resa Lovelace, George Mason - SAAC Advisor
Briana Pitre, Georgia State - Women's Soccer
Thomas Cook, Georgia State - Men's Tennis
Jessica Summey, Georgia State - SAAC Advisor
Nicole Osovski, Hofstra - Softball
Ari Richman, Hofstra - Men's Tennis
James Lally, Hofstra - SAAC Advisor
Ruxandra Andriescu, James Madison - Women's Tennis
Marquis Woodyard, James Madison - Football
Tiffany Hall, James Madison - SAAC Advisor
Marlee Cadwell, UNCW - Women's Cross Country
Ryan Kelly, UNCW - Men's Track and Field
Heather Magill, UNCW - SAAC Advisor
Beth Cobby, Northeastern - Field Hockey
Derrico Peck, Northeastern - Men's Basketball
Justin Bell, Northeastern - SAAC Advisor
Shelby Davis, Old Dominion - Women's Lacrosse
Jason Haigh, Old Dominion - Men's Swimming and Diving
M.L. Morgan, Old Dominion - SAAC Advisor
Kate Williams, Towson - Field Hockey
John Horner, Towson - Men's Lacrosse
Marjorie Tversky, Towson - SAAC Advisor
Heather McDonald, William & Mary - Women's Lacrosse
Matt Rum, William & Mary - Men's Basketball
Chanel Murchison, William & Mary - Women's Basketball
Deidre Connelly, William & Mary - SAAC Advisor
Tom Yeager, CAA - Commissioner
Kathleen Batterson, CAA - Sr. Assoc. Commissioner/SWA
Vincent Pierson, CAA - SAAC Liaison
Raven Wilkinson, CAA - Executive Assistant