Hempstead, NY - Each week, leading up to the 2013 Hall of Fame Dinner on April 13, GoHofstra.com will feature one of the seven individuals and two teams being inducted in the Class of 2013. Today the 1959-60 Men's Basketball Team is highlighted.

"What a privilege, as student publicist-statistician, to have had a front-row seat to watch my guys from the 1959-60 basketball team, with their 23-1 record. They had so much talent, and Butch van Breda Kolff managed to sort it out and help them play together, with Assistant Coach Paul Lynner coming up with scouting reports, and I could go on and on. I've covered decades of Final Fours, but the 1959-60 Flying Dutchmen are still the best college team I've ever seen, in terms of playing together, subordinating all that ability, under Butch's piercing whistle. Their lives are a tribute to the over-used phrase student-athlete. Hofstra did it right. Half these players could easily be inducted into Hofstra's hall of fame on their own merits, but they played together, and deserve to be honored together. Congratulations to all, including the school that nurtured them." - George Vecsey, Contributing Sports Columnist, The New York Times; recorder of assists and rebounds, back in the day.

Coached by the legendary Butch van Breda Kolff, the 1959-60 men's basketball team posted a 23-1 record and boasts the best winning percentage in school history at .958. The team's only loss that season was a two-point loss to Wagner (50-48).Hofstra started the season 10-0, including wins over Lehigh and Adelphi in the Long Island Invitational Tournament, before that loss and then won 13 consecutive games to close out the season.

Team members include: Brant Alyes, Steve Balber, Curt Block, Mike Douglas, Steven Dunn, Stan Einbender, Adam Gadzinski, Richie Goldstein, Ted Jackson, Bob Lauster, John McGowan, Bob Stowers, Richie Swartz, Coach van Breda Kolff and Assistant Coach Paul Lynner.

Two members of the team - Jackson and Swartz - are members of the Hofstra 1,000-Point Club, while Coach van Breda Kolff was a 2008 inductee into the Hofstra Athletics Hall of Fame.

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