Hempstead, NY - With only three days left in the Fourth Annual Former Athlete Participation Challenge, the Women’s Soccer team has taken a commanding lead over the rest of the field in the overall competition.

In the Increase Competition, Women’s Golf holds the lead but Field Hockey has made a strong push for the top spot over the past week and still has a chance for first place. In our Young Alumni Competition, Softball has been holding onto first place since week one and looks to keep that lead unless Field Hockey and Men’s Soccer can make one final push in the final days.

Click here to make a gift today. If you have already contributed to Hofstra Athletics you can extend your commitment and help your program by encouraging a teammate to join the Pride Club.  Supporting Hofstra student-athletes is as simple as making a $25 contribution through the Hofstra Pride Club.

To qualify for the Participation Challenge and the Varsity H Club a former student-athlete must make a gift of $25 or more by May 31, 2013.

Participation Competition ($5,000 prize) - as of May 28, 2013

1.    Women’s Soccer - 645 Points

2.    Women’s Golf - 449 Points

3.    Softball - 275 Points

4.    Field Hockey - 202 Points

5.    Women’s Lacrosse - 141 Points

Increase Competition ($2,500 prize) - as of May 28, 2013

1.    Women’s Golf

2.    Field Hockey

3.    Softball

4.    Men’s Soccer

5.    Women’s Tennis

Young Alumni Competition ($2,500 – 1st, $1,500 – 2nd, $1,000 – 3rd) - as of May 28, 2013

1.    Softball

2.    Field Hockey

3.    Men’s Soccer

4.    Women’s Tennis

5.    Men’s Lacrosse

Information about the Challenge:

Participation Competition

Each Hofstra Athletics team recruits as many of their former athletes to join the Pride Club and give a gift of $25 or more. The team with the most points will win the competition and earn a $5,000 gift to their program.

How the Scoring Works: The percentage of alumni giving will be multiplied by 1000. Example: 100 former-athletes who have made a gift of $25 or more out of 500 former-athletes= .2x1000 = 200 points. As an added bonus an additional two points can be earned for each gift made online by a former athlete between now and May 31.

Increase Competition

The team with the team with greatest percentage increase of former athletes giving from last year to this year will win a $2,500 prize. Last year, Men's Lacrosse narrowly edged out Women's Lacrosse, winning by less than 1%, to capture the prize.

Young Alumni Competition

Each team will compete for the highest percentage of its own young alumni joining the Pride Club. A young alumnus is someone who graduated between 2002 and 2011. The team with the highest percentage will win $2,500, with second place receiving $1,500 and third receiving $1,000.

Giving information:

To make a gift online: GoHofstra.com or https://www.hofstra.edu/athletics/ath_giving.cfm

To make a gift by phone: 516-463-6144

To make a gift by mail: Check payable to Hofstra University.  315 Mack Sports Complex, 245 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549