Hempstead, NY – For the fourth time in as many years, the Hofstra Women’s Soccer program has captured the Former Student-Athlete Participation Challenge and was awarded a $5,000 grant for enhancements to their program.  The program saw a remarkable 66% of their alumnae make a gift for a total 751 points.

“The amazing support shown by our former student-athletes at Hofstra University is wonderful to see,” commented Hofstra University Vice President and Director of Athletics Jeffrey A. Hathaway.  “The amount of giving to the Hofstra Pride Club and our respective athletic programs is a testament to the positive experiences our former student-athletes enjoyed at Hofstra, which we hope inspires the entire Pride Club community to realize what a great academic and athletic experience the University is providing.  We thank them for their continued support of the Pride Club and look forward to our future successes as a result of their generosity.  The current support of our former student-athletes is a great message to the men and women who wear the Hofstra uniform today that they should stay involved and engaged with the University once their playing careers conclude.”

“It is humbling and exciting to receive so much support from the Hofstra Women’s Soccer Alumnae,” said Head Women's Soccer Coach Simon Riddiough. “I am so proud of the effort this group has put forth.  Due to their generosity I believe we can continue to drive Hofstra Women’s Soccer forward.  This is a huge statement about the memories and experience the alumni had while representing Hofstra at the collegiate level.”

Last year the Pride women’s golf program took first place in the Young Alumni Competition  while this year they continue their winning ways by taking first place in the Increase Competition. The team succeeded with an increase of 43.5% from last year earning them a $2,500 grant.

The Hofstra Men’s Soccer program came from behind in the last week and a half of the challenge to win the Young Alumni Competition and their first-ever win in the Challenge.  With only nine days left in the Hofstra Pride Club year, Coach Nuttall and his staff went to work and saw his giving number jump from 38 donors to an incredible 92.  This final push from the men’s soccer program helped them leap past softball, who was in the lead for the first five weeks.

This year we had new faces in the win column with men’s soccer and field hockey going above and beyond to have their alumni support their programs. 

In all, more than 510 former student-athletes made a contribution to support today's Hofstra student-athletes. Joining the Hofstra Pride Club can be done on-line.

For more information on the Former Student-Athlete Participation Challenge, please see below.

Final Participation Competition
1.     Women’s Soccer – 751 Points - $5,000 First Place Grant
2.     Women’s Golf – 449 Points
3.     Men’s Soccer – 420 Points
4.     Softball – 290 Points
5.     Field Hockey – 245 Points

Final Increase Competition
1.     Women’s Golf - $2,500 First Place Grant
2.     Men’s Soccer
3.     Field Hockey
4.     Softball
5.     Women’s Basketball

Final Young Alumni Competition
1.     Men’s Soccer - $2,500 First Place Grant
2.     Softball - $1,500 Second Place Grant
3.     Field Hockey - $1,000 Third Place Grant
4.     Women’s Basketball
5.     Women’s Tennis

Information about the Challenge:

Participation Competition
Each Hofstra Athletics team recruits as many of their former student-athletes to join the Pride Club and give a gift of $25 or more.  The team with the most points will win the competition and earn a $5,000 grant to their program. 

How the Scoring Works: The percentage of alumni giving will be multiplied by 1000. Example: 100 former-athletes who have made a gift of $25 or more out of 500 former-athletes= .2x1000 = 200 points. As an added bonus an additional two points can be earned for each gift made online. 

Increase Competition
The team with the greatest percentage increase of former student-athletes giving from last year to this year receives a $2,500 grant. Last year, men's lacrosse narrowly edged out women's lacrosse, winning by less than 1%, to capture the grant to enhance their program.

Young Alumni Competition
Each team will compete for the highest percentage of its own young alumni joining the Pride Club. A young alumnus is someone who graduated between 2002 and 2011. The team with the highest percentage will win $2,500, with second place receiving $1,500 and third place earning $1,000.

Giving information:
To make a gift online: Visit GoHofstra.com or:

To make a gift by phone: 516-463-6144
To make a gift by mail: Check payable to Hofstra University.  
315 Mack Sports Complex, 245 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549