The Hofstra University Strength and Conditioning Program supports the missions of both the Department of Athletics and the University. The mission of the Hofstra University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to sponsor a broad-based athletics program, which positively reflects the interests and values of the institution's students, faculty, administration, alumni and friends who support its many initiatives.

The primary objective of the athletics program is to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to excel in the academic environment and in athletic competition. By recruiting men and women of academic quality, good character, and high athletic ability, the athletics program fosters among its students a sense of leadership, discipline, mutual trust and social responsibility.

In addition, Hofstra’s Strength and Conditioning Program is committed to the development of student-athletes with the intention of enhancing their overall athletic potential through ground based tri-planar movements while reducing their risk of injury. It is our belief that implementing a functional, sport-specific and individualized program will provide our student-athletes the underlying structure required to perform at their optimal level of play.

Meet The Staff
Joe Staub
, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
James Prendergast, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Emily Esselman, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach


The main focus of the strength and conditioning program is to give each student-athlete an opportunity to perform at the highest level throughout his or her collegiate career. To achieve this, athletes need to prepare both physically and mentally, which are important components when developing highly-skilled collegiate athletes.

The physical aspect is accomplished through proper periodization of strength training, explosiveness, agility drills, speed training, conditioning, flexibility and nutrition. These aspects of strength and conditioning not only help the athletes perform at their highest level, but also help prevent injuries and remain on the competitive playing field.

Through the mental aspect of strength and conditioning each student-athlete will learn the importance of hard work and dedication. Each athlete will be held accountable for their own work and the work of their teammates. The strength and conditioning program will challenge each athlete to bring an attitude of hard work, accountability and total effort to each workout so that the student-athlete will improve both physically and mentally.