The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is made up of two representatives from each of our 17 Division I athletic teams. The members are selected annually by their coaches and/or peers to represent their respective team on the committee. Within SAAC, there is an Executive Board that is voted on by all members of the committee at the conclusion of prior academic year. The Executive Board is responsible for setting all meeting agendas, as well as overseeing specific operations of SAAC including the Pride Cup competition, event coordination and community outreach.

The role of SAAC on the campus of Hofstra University as well as within the CAA is to: 

  • Promote communication between athletic staff and student-athletes.
  • Build a sense of community within the athletic program involving all athletics teams.
  • Organize community service efforts.
  • Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees.
  • Promote a positive student-athlete image.
  • Generate a student-athlete voice within the NCAA structure by recommending NCAA legislation and provide responses to proposed legislation.
  • Review, react and comment to the governance structure on NCAA activities and other subjects of interest.
  • Participate in the administrative process of athletic programs and the NCAA.

2014-15 Executive Board

Ari Richman - President

Emily Burke - Vice President

Sarah Bowen - Secretary

Lulu Echeverry - Media Coordinator

Sydni Epps - Pride Cup Coordinator

Beau Wills - Pride Cup Coordinator

  1415 SAAC

2014-15 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Representatives

Chris Hardardt - Baseball
Kevin Weissheier - Baseball
Moussa Kone - Men's Basketball
Jamall Robinson - Men's Basketball
Sydni Epps - Women's Basketball
Kelly Loftus - Women's Basketball
Riley Leder - Men's Cross Country
Jack Finlayson - Men's Cross Country
Becky Celorio - Women's Cross Country
Eva Holtermann - Women's Cross Country

Sauni Davenport - Field Hockey
Jonel Boileau - Field Hockey
David Won - Men's Golf
Jonathan Farber - Men's Golf
Victoria Snak - Women's Golf
Shannon Chadha - Women's Golf
Trevor Kupecky - Men's Lacrosse
Tommy Voelkel - Men's Lacrosse
Taylor Altomare - Women's Lacrosse
Kaitlin Ayres - Women's Lacrosse
Rory Murphy - Men's Soccer
Mario Ruiz - Men's Soccer
Lulu Echeverry - Women's Soccer
Sam Scolarici - Women's Soccer
Caryn Bailey - Softball
Danielle Bitts - Softball
Ari Richman - Men's Tennis
Beau Wills - Men's Tennis
Leonardo Pires - Men's Tennis
Sarah Bowen - Women's Tennis
Bianca Derrick - Women's Tennis
Emily Burke - Volleyball
Veronika Kostova - Volleyball
Jay Lysne - Wrestling
Alex Mirante - Wrestling

2014 Fall Semester Meeting Dates

September 23
October 27
November 18
December 9

All meetings at 8 p.m. in the Margiotta Hall Pride Lounge

For questions regarding SAAC, please contact:
James Lally