Name: Tony Liotta

Relationship to Hofstra: Class of 1976

What brought you to Hofstra originally?:
To get my education from Hofstra University. 

Why are you still involved in Hofstra Athletics?:
I love being an active volunteer and associated with the University. I have been involved since I graduated in 1976. It has enabled me to experience some programs where volunteers were needed, the HART and CAN, were two of those. I have participated in other areas where there was a need for volunteers, cap and gown, scholarship committee, interviewing candidates for King and Queen Court, a member of the Hofstra Nassau Chapter, of the Alumni Organization, and was one of the founding members of the Hofstra Pride Club and serving currently as a board member. I feel a strong relationship with the many people I have met thru my involvement, I will continue as a volunteer as long as I can.

What was the most impactful lesson you learned while at Hofstra?:
The most impactful lesson I learned while at Hofstra, the quality of faculty that Hofstra employs. Hofstra preaches quality education and I believe that to be true. It holds a high standard for the students who apply. The standard holds true in the area of Athletics, coaches can only recruit those athletes who meet the standard and it shows by GPA.s that our athletes produce.

What is one piece of advice you have for current student-athletes?:
You, the athlete, are fortunate and privileged to be part of a team to carry the Hofstra banner. You were chosen because of your athletic skills, outstanding enough to play at the division 1 level, not every athlete gets that opportunity. Be proud of your accomplishment and support those athletes after you leave the University when your means allows. 

Why do you give back to Hofstra Athletics?:
It was Hofstra Basketball that got me the involvement I do today. It was 1976 the team was having a championship year, I was just graduating and got hooked and became a fan. I have been a huge fan since, although I watched a lot of football, and some of both men and women other sports. Initially I joined the "50 for Hofstra Club", then the "Hoop Club" , then became one of the founding members of the "Pride Club". I have been a season ticket holder in Basketball and Football. I love the University and feel as an alum for all that I have received from education and involvement I want to give back what I can.

When was the last time you visited campus?:
I practically live there through my involvement.

What is the fondest memory of your Hofstra experience?:
When I received the Hart member of the Year award. But I have so many good memories of the people I have come to know, staff members and other volunteers.