Name: Kate Gordon-Clifford
Relationship to Hofstra: B.A. 1998, Student-Athlete (Women's Basketball)
Currently resides: Islip, NY

"If there is any doubt why Kate Gordon-Clifford is being inducted into the Hofstra University Hall of Fame, look no further than her stats..........all-time leader in rebounds, 3rd in scoring, and the most impressive stat for a low post player, 2nd in steals.  She had a determination to win and took pride in being a member of our team.  When I threw the ball down low to Kate Gordon I knew something good was going to happen.  She was one of the most talented all-around post players I ever played with." --- Meg (O'Brien) Thieke, teammate

What brought you to Hofstra originally?:
The girls on the team. They were very welcoming and I felt at home at Hofstra.

Why are you still involved in Hofstra Athletics?:
I am proud to be a graduate and a former player at Hofstra. It was a great 4 years. 

What was the most impactful lesson you learned while at Hofstra?:
Never give up, never quit and always go to class (hahaha).

What is one piece of advice you have for current student-athletes?:
Do not take one day/game/practice/teammate for granted. When it’s over you don’t want to look back with any regrets.

Who was your coach and what wisdom did they impart on you?:
Coach Schlegel-Danowski. No matter how good you are, hard work and respect for your team and your teammates is what makes you a winner.
Why do you give back to Hofstra Athletics?:
Because it gave me so much.

When was the last time you visited campus?:
Dec 4, 2010 for a men’s game. My son wanted to go for his birthday. 

Do you still keep in touch with your teammates?:
Yes. Now-a-days with technology it is easy. The ladies I played with were a special group and I have fond memories of our time at Hofstra. 

What is the fondest memory of your Hofstra experience?:
In basketball, it was scoring my 1000th point. It was one of my greatest personal performances I had at Hofstra. Overall fondest memory, the friends I made throughout the entire athletics program. The athletes (men and women alike) were a special group when I attended Hofstra.  We were a family of people that supported each other. We were all close and made many great memories together. 

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